This paper provides greater substance to destination image research by contextualizing and expanding the scope of relevant constructs through the use of knowledge gained in product-country research. These product-country image constructs are built on an attitude theory framework, and this platform enables the application of them in an examination of effects on touristic intentions. A model is presented which represents a focus on the overlapping areas of product-country image and destination image within the broader country image context. The model is tested to determine the value of this integration of constructs for destinations. Results demonstrate that the broader conceptualization of country image can lead to greater understanding of touristic intentions.

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Annals of Tourism Research
Sprott School of Business

Nadeau, J. (John), Heslop, L.A, O'Reilly, N. (Norm), & Luk, P. (Peter). (2008). Destination in a country image context. Annals of Tourism Research, 35(1), 84–106. doi:10.1016/j.annals.2007.06.012