The competition between firms for more effective new product development (NPD) capabilities has posed the research question: what possibilities are there to improve traditional and knowledge based project team organisation by analysing the impact of social relationships between team members? The authors of this article tested the hypothesis that friendships have a positive impact on project team effectiveness using the cohesion social network metric. The methodology involves a combination of qualitative and quantitative methodologies applicable to social network analysis (SNA) research. Regression analysis results support the hypothesis and are in line with the existing literature. The experimental setup refers to undergraduate final year team projects on NPD and includes improvements in the standardisation of measurements of the relevant concepts.

World Transactions on Engineering and Technology Education
Sprott School of Business

Kylindri, S. (Stamatia), Blanas, G. (George), Tanev, S, & Henriksen, L. (Leif). (2013). The impact of friendship ties on new product development student projects. World Transactions on Engineering and Technology Education, 11(3), 243–248.