Service quality is widely accepted as one of the key determinants of online retailers' success. This exploratory study identified four key dimensions of online service quality as perceived by two groups of Internet users, online buyers and information searchers. The derived dimensions were: Web site design/content, trustworthiness, prompt/reliable service, and communication. This study also revealed that there were significant differences between these two Internet user groups regarding their perceptions on the identified dimensions. Furthermore, this research found that all of the four dimensions significantly influenced online buyers' evaluation of overall online service quality, while only three dimensions, Web site design/content, trustworthiness, and communication, had a significant impact on information searchers' assessment of overall online service quality. Managerial implications and recommendations are also presented.

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Managing Service Quality
Sprott School of Business

Cai, S, & Jun, M. (Minjoon). (2003). Internet users' perceptions of online service quality: A comparison of online buyers and information searchers. Managing Service Quality, 13(6), 504–519. doi:10.1108/09604520310506568