This study explores the influence of gender on adoption of information technology (IT) among owners of small firms. In the small firm context, owner-managers are central to decision-making, including IT adoption. This potentially allows gender-related factors to influence the IT adoption decision. Accordingly, the research literature associated with female business owners is used to comment conceptually on gender-related factors subsumed among accepted antecedents of IT adoption decisions. Empirical findings are based on 21 key informant interviews. The study documents numerous perceived gender-related influences embedded within IT adoption among owners of small- and medium-sized enterprises, such that women are less likely than men to adopt IT. The implications for research, policy and practice are discussed.

Digital competencies, Gender, ICT, Information technology, IT, Technology adoption model, Women entrepreneurs
International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business
Sprott School of Business

Orser, B.J. (Barbara J.), & Riding, A.L. (2018). The influence of gender on the adoption of technology among SMEs. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, 33(4), 514–531. doi:10.1504/IJESB.2018.090341