The Lisbon Treaty contained three institutional innovations that were designed to make the European Union (EU) more democratic: the Ordinary Legislative Procedure (OLP), the Early Warning Mechanism (EWM) for national parliaments, and the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI). This short article sets the stage for a symposium that assesses whether the three mechanisms have indeed contributed to the EU’s democratization. It situates OLP, EWM, and ECI in the EU’s system of multilevel democracy and raises the question of whether the mechanisms address the institutional and societal factors that cause the EU’s democratic deficit.

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Keywords Democracy, European Union, Lisbon Treaty, Multilevel governance
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Journal Comparative European Politics
Hurrelmann, A, & Baglioni, S. (Sebastian). (2018). Introduction: multilevel democracy in the European Union and the innovations of the Lisbon Treaty. Comparative European Politics. doi:10.1057/s41295-018-0135-0