Arithmetic ability is a fundamental skill within our society. In the current research proposal I address the phenomenon of the solution of basic arithmetic problems in adults. First, I review current models of arithmetic problem solution and critically evaluate them based on empirical research. Then, I introduce a new model – the Hybrid model of arithmetic problem solution. Finally, I outline the first step and future directions of a research plan designed to evaluate the Hybrid model. Implications of this research to the area of arithmetic cognition, and to cognitive science, are discussed.

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Keywords arithmetic, cognitive science, Hybrid model of arithmetic problem solution
Publisher Department of Cognitive Science
Series Cognitive Science Technical Report Series
Penner-Wilger, Marcie. (2004). The Hybrid Model of Arithmetic Problem Solution: the Whole is More than the Sum of its Parts. Technical Report 2004-06. Cognitive Science Technical Report Series. Department of Cognitive Science.