Ultra-dense heterogeneous networks (UDHetNets) are considered a promising architecture to achieve the goal of the next generation wireless cellular networks. However, in these dense networks, the number of handovers and handover oscillations can increase significantly. The enhanced handover for low and moderate speed UEs (EHoLM) algorithm presented here minimizes the number of handovers in the HetNets. We analyzed the handover oscillation and the performance of EHoLM in UDHetNets. The simulation results show that the EHoLM scheme also reduces the number of handovers and handover oscillations in the UDHetNets. The reduction of the number of handovers and the handover oscillations improve the user experience as well as the network performance. Moreover, we also present how we modeled and simulated the handover oscillation and EHoLM scheme in the UDHetNets using discreteevent system specification (DEVS).

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21st Communications and Networking Symposium, CNS 2018, Part of the 2018 Spring Simulation Multi-Conference, SpringSim 2018
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Kazi, B.U. (Baha Uddin), & Wainer, G.A. (2018). Handover oscillation reduction in ultra-dense heterogeneous cellular networks using enhanced handover approach. In Simulation Series (pp. 56–67).