The effect of a strong infrared laser field on the collision between two rare gas atoms is examined as a model of intermolecular motion under such conditions. After examination of the classical collision dynamics, three novel classes of collisions are identified, all of which result from interaction with the angular potential well. The signatures of these "collision mechanisms" in the classical deflection function and differential cross-section are determined. The generality of the results and the feasibility of using a modified crossed molecular beam experiment to observe these laser-induced effects are discussed.

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Keywords Classical scattering, Intermolecular motion, Strong infrared fields
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Journal Chemical Physics
Matusek, D.R. (Daniel R.), & Wright, J.S. (2005). Intermolecular motion in strong infrared laser fields. Chemical Physics, 311(3), 269–276. doi:10.1016/j.chemphys.2004.11.006