Planning Theory and Practice
School of Public Policy and Administration

Trapenberg Frick, K. (Karen), Myers, D. (Dowell), Inch, A. (Andy), Dorries, H, Thomas, J.M. (June Manning), Lung-Amam, W.S. (Willow S.), … Foss, A.W. (Ann W.). (2018). Strengthening Planning’s Effectiveness in a Hyper-Polarized World/Responding to the Conservative Common Sense of Opposition to Planning and Development in England/The Limits to Negotiation and the Promise of Refusal/Planning Contexts in a Hyper-Polarized World/A Right to Sanctuary: Supporting Immigrant Communities in an Era of Extreme Precarity/Planning and Climate Change: Opportunities and Challenges in a Politically Contested Environment/Speaking with the Middle 40% to Bridge the Political Divide for Mutual Gains in Planning Agreements. Planning Theory and Practice, 19(4), 581–615. doi:10.1080/14649357.2018.1507884