In a cloud computing environment there are two types of cost associated with the auto-scaling systems: resource cost and Service Level Agreement (SLA) violation cost. The goal of an auto-scaling system is to find a balance between these costs and minimize the total auto-scaling cost. However, the existing auto-scaling systems neglect the cloud client’s cost preferences in minimizing the total auto-scaling cost. This paper presents a cost-driven decision maker which considers the cloud client’s cost preferences and uses the genetic algorithm to configure a rule-based system to minimize the total auto-scaling cost. The proposed cost-driven decision maker together with a prediction suite makes a predictive auto-scaling system which is up to 25% more accurate than the Amazon auto-scaling system. The proposed auto-scaling system is scoped to the business tier of the cloud services. Furthermore, a simulation package is built to simulate the effect of VM boot-up time, Smart Kill, and configuration parameters on the cost factors of a rule-based decision maker.

Cloud cost-driven decision maker, Cloud resource provisioning, Genetic algorithm, Self-adaptive auto-scaling systems, Service level agreement (SLA), Virtual machine (VM)
Journal of Cloud Computing
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Nikravesh, A.Y. (Ali Yadav), Ajila, S, & Lung, C.H. (2018). Using genetic algorithms to find optimal solution in a search space for a cloud predictive cost-driven decision maker. Journal of Cloud Computing, 7(1). doi:10.1186/s13677-018-0122-7