We adopt the approach/avoidance framework to examine the effects of core self-evaluation (CSE) on employee creativity. We argue that CSE affects all three components of individual intellectual capital (IIC), namely individual human capital (IHC), individual structural capital (ISC) and individual relational capital (IRC), which subsequently affect employee creativity. We also maintain that CSE exerts more direct influences on incremental creativity than on radical creativity. We surveyed 498 employees and their direct supervisors from various firms in China. Our results fully support the hypotheses. Our study offers new insight into personality, creativity and knowledge research.

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Current Psychology
Sprott School of Business

Wang, Z. (Zhining), Bu, X. (Xing), & Cai, S. (2018). Core self-evaluation, individual intellectual capital and employee creativity. Current Psychology. doi:10.1007/s12144-018-0046-x