In this paper, we develop a novel layered coding scheme for the multiple-input multiple-output multicast channel. In this scheme information is encoded in two layers, a base low-resolution (LR) layer and refining high-resolution (HR) one. The LR layer is encoded using Grassmannian non-coherent codes and the HR layer is encoded in the indices of the active transmitter antennas using the so-called Space Shift Keying (SSK) modulation. An efficient algorithm is proposed to optimize the HR codebook. The LR information can be detected non-coherently without invoking any channel state information (CSI), whereas the HR information must be detected coherently and thus requires accurate CSI. Hence, receivers with perfect CSI can decode both the LR and HR information, whereas those with no CSI can only decode the LR information. For receivers with accurate CSI, we propose a computationally efficient two-step detector and we show that the non-coherent detector performance is not affected by the transmission of the incremental HR information encoded in the transmit antenna indices.

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IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

ElMossallamy, M. (Mohamed), Seddik, K.G. (Karim G.), & Gohary, R. (2018). Multiresolution Multicasting Using Grassmannian Codes and Space Shift Keying. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology. doi:10.1109/TVT.2018.2880798