In introducing the special issue on Large Class Pedagogy: Opportunities and Challenges of Massification the present editorial takes stock of the emerging literature on this subject. We seek to contribute to the massificaiton debate by considering one result of it: large class teaching in higher education. Here we look to large classes as a problem in promoting student learning, quality education, and consequently as a challenge to socio-economic development. That said, whilst large classes do pose very specific challenges, they also hold promise and opportunities for innovation in support of student learning. Here we consider the contributions to this special issue from a cross section of disciplines and higher education environments.

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Higher Education

Hornsby, D.J, & Osman, R. (Ruksana). (2014). Massification in higher education: Large classes and student learning. Higher Education, 67(6), 711–719. doi:10.1007/s10734-014-9733-1