This data article presents a comprehensive data set about Wolaita Zone (Ethiopia), and the Woredas / Districts within it. The tables cover administrative, demographic, educational, agricultural, transport, and water aspects of the zone. The majority of the data is from 2013/2014, however, a few tables provide trend data over recent years. The evidence shows rapid population growth, significant educational challenges, limitations of health coverage, disparities of agricultural extension service provision and potable water. The data are otherwise not available to researchers and these data sets enable greater contextualization for any on-going or future research within the zone. The data were provided by the Zonal Administration in 2015, and were part of a research project that was approved by the Ethiopian Public Health Institute and supported by the Regional Health Bureau.

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Data in Brief
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Cochrane, L, & Gecho, Y. (Yishak). (2018). Data on the demographics, education, health and infrastructure: Wolaita Zone, Ethiopia. Data in Brief, 21, 2095–2102. doi:10.1016/j.dib.2018.11.063