This article discusses Tejumola Olaniyan's submissions in his essay “African Literature in the Post-Global Age: Provocations on Field Commonsense” by problematizing some of his submissions on the temporalities, especially the global and the post-global, that have inflected the field of African literary discourse since the second half of the twentieth century. In doing this, the essay queries the idea that the category of the nation-state has been exhausted or overwhelmed by the global and the post-global. The essay suggests instead that the nation-state has been retooled and rearmed by a nascent temporality, the post-truth, in ways that have significant consequences for African literatures.

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Cambridge Journal of Postcolonial Literary Inquiry
Institute of African Studies

Adesanmi, P. (2017). From post-global to post-truth: African literature beyond commonsense. Cambridge Journal of Postcolonial Literary Inquiry (Vol. 4, pp. 271–279). doi:10.1017/pli.2017.19