Mackenzie Delta lakes have been classified by the seasonal duration of their connection to Mackenzie River. "No-closure' lakes are determined on the basis of minimum summer water level. Such lakes may become disconnected from the Mackenzie in autumn or winter, as water level falls or if the sills between lakes and distributary channels are frozen through and so sealed. Water level in the central delta rises continuously after late November, at first because discharge into the delta increases once the Mackenzie drainage basin has frozen over, and then as sea and channel ice thickens in the outer delta, impounding discharge. -from Author
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences
Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

Burn, C. (1995). The hydrologic regime of Mackenzie River and connection of "no- closure' lakes to distributary channels in the Mackenzie Delta, Northwest Territories. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 32(7), 926–937. doi:10.1139/e95-078