A controller for robot trajectory tracking is developed. This controller uses online recursive identification techniques to track the model parameters that describe the plant. The identified model is then used to compute a feedforward signal such that the desired trajectory is followed. The trajectory tracking accuracy is derived for a general class of dynamic systems. An identification technique for systems with an asymmetrical dead zone is also derived. Issues such as identifiability, forgetting factors, calibration, and numerical stability of the algorithms are investigated. An inertially decoupled direct-drive manipulator is used as a testbed to evaluate the performance of the recursive identification controller.

Proceedings of the 1987 American Control Conference.
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Schwartz, H.M, & Youcef-Toumi, Kamal (Kamal). (1987). RECURSIVE IDENTIFICATION CONTROLLER FOR TRAJECTORY TRACKING. In Proceedings of the American Control Conference (pp. 440–446).