In the above paper, [1], there are some erroneous entries in Tables I, III, IV, VII, and X, which are corrected here. Moreover, for the proper application of the definition of layered superset (LSS) property to all the results of Tables I-VII in the above-mentioned paper, the LSS definition needs to be extended as described here.

absorbing sets, Characterization of elementary trapping sets, elementary trapping sets, error floor, layered superset (LSS) property, left-regular LDPC codes, low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes, short cycles, trapping sets, variable-regular LDPC codes
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Hashemi, Y. (Yoones), & Banihashemi, A. (2015). Erratum: On characterization of elementary trapping sets of variable-regular LDPC codes (IEEE Transactions on Information Theory (2015) 61:3). IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 61(3). doi:10.1109/TIT.2015.2393351