A comparison is made of several adaptive control algorithms which have been proposed for robotic manipulators. The methods investigated are the indirect method of adaptive control and two versions of direct adaptive control. The direct adaptive control methods investigated are those proposed by J. J. Craig, P. Hsu, and S. S. Sastry (1987), and by J. J. E. Slotine and W. Li (1987). The authors derive the adaptation laws and highlight the differences in the derivations. Each method has been simulated on the same trajectories, and performance is evaluated based on the tracking accuracy, the trajectory error dynamics, and on the parameter estimation. Persistently and nonpersistently exciting trajectories are examined. In the case of indirect adaptive control, a regression vector reduction algorithm is proposed to guarantee identifiability of the parameters.

Proceedings of the 1990 American Control Conference
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Schwartz, H.M, Warshaw, G. (G.), & Janabi, T. (T.). (1990). Issues in robot adaptive control. In Proceedings of the American Control Conference (pp. 2797–2805).