We have studied the phenomenology of single-charged-weak-boson production in e collisions. The cross sections are comparable to the e+e-'W+W- cross section expected at the LEP II e+e- collider at CERN once branching fractions for W decay into final-state fermions are taken into account. Using the hadronic decay modes of the W we estimate that MW and "W could be measured to similar precision as LEP II experiments using comparable integrated luminosities. However, the process e'We is especially sensitive to the anomalous magnetic moment of the W, , and as such offers a good opportunity to test the gauge structure of the standard model at the tree level and at the one-loop level. Our conclusion is that the feasibility of building a high-luminosity e collider is definitely worth studying.

Physical Review D
Department of Physics

Couture, G. (Gilles), Godfrey, S, & Kalyniak, P. (Pat). (1989). Phenomenology of single-W production in e collisions. Physical Review D, 39(11), 3239–3247. doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.39.3239