We study the WWγ gauge boson coupling in the process eγ→νqq̄ off the W-boson resonance by evaluating the helicity amplitudes of all contributing Feynman diagrams. We examine this process for 500 GeV and 1 TeV e+e- colliders including the photon spectra obtained from both a backscattered laser and from beamstrahlung radiation. The couplings could best be measured using the backscattered laser photons with |δκγ| ≤=0.08 and -0.07<λ<0.10 at a 500 GeV collider and |λγ|≤0.03 at a 1 TeV collider, all at 95% C.L. Except for the relatively weak limits on δκ at √s = 1 TeV, these sensitivities are the same order of magnitude as can be obtained from real single W-production demonstrating that additional information can be obtained from non-resonant final states.

Physical Review D
Department of Physics

Doncheski, M.A. (Michael A.), Godfrey, S, & Peterson, K.A. (K. Andrew). (1999). Measurement of the WWγ coupling in the process eγ→νqq̄ off the W-boson resonance. Physical Review D, 59(11), 1–4. doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.59.117301