The original brain storm optimization (BSO) method does not rationally compromise global exploration and local exploitation capability, which results in the premature convergence when solving complicated optimization problems like the shifted or shifted rotated functions. To address this problem, the paper develops a vector grouping learning BSO (VGLBSO) method. In VGLBSO, the individuals’ creation based on vector grouping learning (IC-VGL) scheme is first developed to improve the population diversity and compromise the global exploration and local exploitation capability. Moreover, a hybrid individuals’ update (H-IU) scheme is established by reasonably combing two different individuals’ update schemes, which further compromises the global exploration and local exploitation capability. Finally, the random grouping (RG) scheme, instead of K-means grouping is allowed to shrink the computational cost and maintain the diversity of the information exchange between different individuals. Twenty-eight popular benchmark functions are used to compare VGLBSO with 12 BSO and nine swarm intelligence methods. Experimental results present that VGLBSO achieves the best overall performance including the global search ability, convergence speed, and scalability amongst all the compared algorithms.

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IEEE Access
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Li, C. (Chunquan), Hu, D. (Dujuan), Song, Z. (Zhenshou), Yang, F. (Feng), Luo, Z. (Zu), Fan, J. (Jinghui), & Liu, P. (2018). A Vector Grouping Learning Brain Storm Optimization Algorithm for Global Optimization Problems. IEEE Access. doi:10.1109/ACCESS.2018.2884862