In a strongly interacting electroweak sector with an isosinglet vector state, such as the techni-omega, ω T , the direct ω T Z γ coupling implies that an ω T can be produced by Z γ fusion in e γ collisions. This is a unique feature for high energy e + e − or e − e − colliders operating in an e γ mode. We consider the processes e − → γ e − Z γ and e − → γ e − W + W − Z , both of which proceed via an intermediate ω T . We find that at a 1.5 TeV e + e − linear collider operating in an e γ mode with an integrated luminosity of 200 fb − 1 , an ω T can be discovered for a broad range of masses and widths.
Physical Review D
Department of Physics

Godfrey, S, Han, T. (Tao), & Kalyniak, P. (Pat). (1999). Discovery limits for techni-omega production in e γ collisions. Physical Review D, 59(9), 1–5. doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.59.095006