A new family of iodoplumbates based on phosphonium cations have been synthesized and characterized via X-ray crystallography. Thermogravimetric analysis demonstrates that these materials have a remarkably high thermal stability and show potential for applications as organic-inorganic hybrid semiconductors. We also present the synthesis of three novel phosphonium salts and the crystallographic elucidation of these compounds.

ACS Omega
Department of Chemistry

Omahen, E.H. (Emily H.), Binder, J.F. (Justin F.), Jacobs, B.F. (Brad F.), Swidan, A. (Ala'Aeddeen), & Macdonald, C.L.B. (2018). Phosphonium-Templated Iodoplumbates. ACS Omega, 3(12), 17077–17082. doi:10.1021/acsomega.8b02240