Current approaches to climate change mitigation are insufficient to solve the problem of climate change. In analogy to medical practice, we submit that baseload clean energy sources are required (antibiotic) together with geoengineering (analgesic). We have highlighted space technology as offering these solutions-solar power satellites in geostationary orbit around Earth and space-based solar shields at the L1 Sun-Earth Lagrange point. The chief hurdle is the high cost of launching assets into space. We propose to eliminate this cost barrier by implementing self-replication technology based on 3D printing techniques applied to material resources on the Moon. This eliminates the launch cost problem. We have been making progress in developing the underlying capabilities that will realise self-replication technology. The ability to 3D print electric motors and electronics is key to the construction of robotic machines from lunar material. This work will be described. If self-replication technology can be implemented even in a simple way it opens the possibility of exponential growth in productive capacity on the Moon. Constellations of both solar power satellites and solar shield modules-our treatment of choice-become feasible at very low cost.

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International Journal of Climate Change: Impacts and Responses
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Ellery, A. (2018). Geophysiological treatment of an ailing earth from space: Self-replication technology is essential. International Journal of Climate Change: Impacts and Responses, 10(3), 25–40. doi:10.18848/1835-7156/CGP/v10i03/25-40