Across Northern Canada, as well as places such as Alaska and Greenland, the political empowerment of Indigenous governments has provided greater control over the conditions of resource development and, in so doing, has enhanced the potential bene?ts ?owing to northern communities. As noted in the introduction, this book is based on a central premise – that the conditions related to extractive resource development in Northern Canada have changed to the point where communities can bene?t from resource development without bearing unacceptable social, economic and environmental costs. This is of course not a necessary outcome of any particular resource development, but rather a possibility that can be realized if appropriate regulatory, community and business actions are taken.
School of Public Policy and Administration

Southcott, C. (Chris), Abele, F, Natcher, D. (David), & Parlee, B. (Brenda). (2018). How can extractive industry help rather than hurt arctic communities?. In Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic (pp. 290–296). doi:10.4324/9781351019101