Middle Eocene to Holocene benthic foraminifers were studied in sediments from Sites 736, 738, and 744 (Kerguelen Plateau). Significant faunal changes took place in the middle Eocene, late Eocene/early Oligocene, middle Miocene, and late Miocene. The benthic assemblages are characterized by gradual species replacements. Assemblage boundaries are defined where first appearance datums (FAD's) and last appearance datums (LAD's) concentrate. -from Author

Department of Earth Sciences

Schroder-Adams, C. (1991). Middle Eocene to Holocene benthic foraminifer assemblages from the Kerguelen Plateau (Southern Indian Ocean). Proc., scientific results, ODP, Leg 119, Kerguelen Plateau-Prydz Bay, 611–630.