Six new species of agglutinated foraminifera have been identified from Oligocene to Miocene sequences in the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin of Arctic Canada. They are Psamminopelta arca n.sp., Labrospira turbida n. sp., Recurvoides brideauxi n. sp., Recurvoides torquis n. sp., Reticulophragmium projectus n. sp., and Gravellina indistincta n. sp. The new taxa have discrete distributions in continental shelf, slope, and rise facies and are particularly useful in discriminating deltaic and deeper water facies. -Authors

Journal of Foraminiferal Research
Department of Earth Sciences

Schroder-Adams, C, & McNeil, D.H. (D. H.). (1994). New paleoenvironmentally important species of agglutinated foraminifera from the Oligocene and Miocene of the Beaufort Sea, Arctic Canada. Journal of Foraminiferal Research, 24(3), 178–190.