In the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin of Arctic Canada, foraminifer-bearing terrigenous clastic sediments were deposited in deltaic, prodelta shelf, continental slope and deep-basin environments during the Oligocene and Miocene. Agglutinated foraminifers are the dominant benthic organisms in these facies, and their distribution is documented in the context of three major transgressive-regressive sequences. Synthesis of foraminiferal assemblages with subsurface gamma/sonic log interpretations provides documentation for five discrete biofacies that reflect specific depositional environments. -from Authors

Bulletin - Geological Survey of Canada
Department of Earth Sciences

Schroder-Adams, C, & McNeil, D.H. (D. H.). (1994). Oligocene to Miocene agglutinated foraminifers in deltaic and deep- water facies of the Beaufort-Mackenzie basin. Bulletin - Geological Survey of Canada, 477.