The sedimentology, biostratigraphy and geochemistry of the Albian to middle(?) Turonian interval of the Colorado Group in Western Canada indicate that four, regionally mappable lithostratigraphic units are present in this marine shale succession. In ascending order, these are: the Westgate Formation, the Fish Scales Formation, the Belle Fourche Formation and the Second White Specks Formation. -from Authors

Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology
Department of Earth Sciences

Bloch, J. (J.), Schroder-Adams, C, Leckie, D.A. (D. A.), McIntyre, D.J. (D. J.), Craig, J. (J.), & Staniland, M. (M.). (1993). Revised stratigraphy of the lower Colorado Group (Albian to Turonian) , western Canada. Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology, 41(3), 325–348.