The integration of different radio access technologies becomes attractive with the rapid growth of wireless communication technologies and services. Moreover, in such heterogeneous environment, there is a common belief that, recently, we are running out of the radio resources, especially the usable spectrum resource. Although some work have been done to integrate heterogeneous wireless networks, the application of quality of service (QoS) with dynamic spectrum resource allocation has been largely ignored. In this chapter, we present a novel distributed scheme based on the stochastic optimization formulation of the network selection problem for heterogeneous wireless networks. In addition, an optimal internetwork spectrum sharing scheme with spectrum pooling is proposed for heterogeneous wireless networks. The problems are formulated as restless bandits systems, respectively, of which the indexability property dramatically reduces the computational complexity. Extensive simulation results demonstrate the significant performance improvement compared with the existing schemes.

School of Information Technology

Si, P. (Pengbo), Yu, F.R, Ji, H. (Hong), & Zhang, Y. (Yanhua). (2011). Network selection and spectrum sharing for heterogeneous cognitive radio systems. In Emerging Wireless Networks: Concepts, Techniques and Applications (pp. 325–348).