Benthic foraminifers from the upper core sections at five selected sites were studied. The diverse Holocene assemblages on the surface of the fan is dominated by Cibicidoides wuellerstorfi, Hoeglundina elegans, and Globobulimina spp. Below 20cm sub-bottom, the assemblage is replaced by typical outer shelf and upper slope species indicating downslope transport of shelf sediments onto the fan. This transition is represented by a lithologic change from a foraminiferal ooze above to a clay-mud facies below. In Pigmy Basin, the top 5m represent a diverse foraminiferal assemblage. The dominant species (ie Osangularia culter, Eponides turgidus, H. elegans, C. wuellerstorfi, Brizalina, spp, and Epistominella exigua) fluctuate throughout the Holocene and decrease drastically below the Holocene/Pleistocene boundary.-from Author

Department of Earth Sciences

Schroder-Adams, C. (1986). Changes in benthic foraminifer assemblages across the Holocene/Pleistocene boundary, Sites 619, 620, 621, 622, and 624, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 96 ( Gulf of Mexico). Initial reports DSDP, Leg 96, Ft. Lauderdale to Galveston, Texas, 1983, 631–642.