The study of eight samples from the Nares Abyssal Plain has shown that the rhizopodan surface population of the area is dominated by forms with fragile, flexible tests. In this rarely reported component of the abyssal population we have identified 20 new species for which holotypes have been designated and figured. We have also designated five lectotypes for species previously described and introduced new terms essential for the concise description of komoki and few other abyssal foraminifera. For the rapid identification of the more complex and less known genera we have provided an identification key. -from Authors

Department of Earth Sciences

Schroder-Adams, C, Medioli, F.S. (F. S.), & Scott, D.B. (D. B.). (1989). Fragile abyssal foraminifera (including new Komokiacea) from the Nares Abyssal Plain. Micropaleontology, 35(1), 10–48.