In the central N Pacific Ocean the abyssal meio-benthic community is dominated by agglutinated foraminifera. We identify and illustrate 61 species from 5 replicate box cores recovered from that region. This provides a taxonomic base for 2 previous studies performed on the same material. A comparison of large N Pacific forms with an abyssal foraminiferal assemblage from the W N Atlantic (Nares Abyssal Plain), shows a similar species composition, indicating a wide distribution for many of these deep-sea agglutinated taxa. Differences in wall texture of agglutinated forms are apparently due to the random agglutination of available sediment. -from Authors

Journal of Foraminiferal Research
Department of Earth Sciences

Schroder-Adams, C, Scott, D.B. (D. B.), Medioli, F.S. (F. S.), Bernstein, B.B. (B. B.), & Hessler, R.R. (R. R.). (1988). Larger agglutinated foraminifera: comparison of assemblages from central North Pacific and western North Atlantic ( Nares Abyssal Plain). Journal of Foraminiferal Research, 18(1), 25–41.