We examined associations between financially focused self-concept and known etiological and maintenance factors of problematic gambling in a sample of community-based gamblers (N =412). Although most participants (95.6%) did not report gambling problems, those high in financial focus were more likely to be impulsive, to be dissatisfied with their financial situation, to believe that they have a poor ability to cope with adversity in their life, and to have erroneous beliefs about gambling. The magnitude of these associations was moderate. The etiological risk and maintenance factors explained unique variance in financially focused self-concept. Thus, the results provide novel insight into the characteristics of financially focused gamblers.

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Journal of Gambling Issues
Department of Psychology

Tabri, N, Wohl, M, Wood, R.T. (Richard T.), & Philander, K. (Kahlil). (2018). Financially focused self-concept is associated with etiological and maintenance factors of gambling disorder among non-problem gamblers. Journal of Gambling Issues, 2018(39 Special Issue), 308–313. doi:10.4309/jgi.2018.39.12