In this paper, we propose an adaptive fuzzy dynamic surface control DSC scheme for single-link flexible-joint robotic systems with input saturation. A smooth function is utilized with the mean-value theorem to deal with the difficulties associated with input saturation. An adaptive DSC design with an auxiliary first-order filter is used to solve the explosion of complexity problem. It is proved that all the signals in the closed-loop system are semi-globally uniformly ultimately bounded, and the tracking error eventually converges to a small neighborhood around zero. The main advantage of the proposed method is that only one adaptation parameter needs to be updated, which reduces the computational burden significantly. Simulation results demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed scheme and the comparison results show that the improved DSC method can reduce the computational burden by almost two thirds in comparison with the standard DSC method.

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IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Ling, S. (Song), Wang, H. (Huanqing), & Liu, P. (2019). Adaptive fuzzy dynamic surface control of flexible-joint robot systems with input saturation. IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica, 6(1), 97–106. doi:10.1109/JAS.2019.1911330