Drawing from the authors' experience teaching op-ed writing across a variety of subjects as well as teaching Israeli-Palestinian relations using a range of methods, this article describes the benefits of using op-ed writing assignments in an Israel-Palestine course. The authors demonstrate the value of showing students how to develop concise, research-based prescriptive arguments that can complement what is often an explanatory-only approach to understanding Israeli-Palestinian relations. The article lays out the challenges and opportunities of helping students master a public commentary form that is becoming increasingly central in the digital age.

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Keywords Israeli-Palestinian relations, Op-ed writing, Policy event, Political judgments, Value-based prescriptions
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.3167/isr.2018.330209
Journal Israel Studies Review
Saleh, L. (Lena), & Sucharov, M. (2018). Teaching Israel studies: Using Op-ed writing to Teach Israeli-Palestinian relations. Israel Studies Review, 33(2), 148–154. doi:10.3167/isr.2018.330209