Treatment of GaCl3 with 2,6-bis(benzimidazol-2-yl)pyridine (G-BZIMPY, G = NBz, N(3,5-CF3)Bz, N-allyl and O) yielded the autoionization products [G-BZIMPYGaCl2][GaCl4] (1-4) in great yields. The Ga(iii) complex 1 was reduced to Ga(i) using K2[Fe(CO)4], resulting in the complex [(NBzBZIMPY)(Cl)Ga-Fe(CO)4] (7). GaCl3 and AlCl3 were complexed by the structurally similar bis(imino)pyridine (DIMPY) and the resulting complexes are compared to those of G-BZIMPY.
Dalton Transactions
Department of Chemistry

Swidan, A. (Ala'Aeddeen), Binder, J.F. (Justin F.), Onge, B.J.S. (Blake J.St.), Suter, R. (Riccardo), Burford, N. (Neil), & Macdonald, C.L.B. (2019). 2,6-Bis(benzimidazol-2-yl)pyridines as more electron-rich and sterically accessible alternatives to 2,6-bis(imino)pyridine for group 13 coordination chemistry. Dalton Transactions, 48(4), 1284–1291. doi:10.1039/c8dt04276d