Hydraulic Fracturing is a technique used in the extraction and exploration of oil and gas. During hydraulic fracturing, a high-pressure fluid is injected into a wellbore; this fluid flows through some artificially made holes and into some rock fragments. As a result of the high pressure of the fluid, the rock fragments crack or fracture. These fractures form patterns that grow in a complicated manner. In practice, hydraulic fracturing is widely used; therefore, people and companies have a great interest in understanding the fracturing process. They aim to predict where the new fractures will be located and what the length, width and shape of the fractures will be. A model of hydraulic fracturing using the Cell-DEVS paradigm is described and implemented, discussing a discrete-event specification of such application.

Cell-DEVS, Hydraulic fracturing, State variables
4th International Conference of Computing for Engineering and Sciences, ICCES 2018
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Oyelowo, I. (Ifeoluwa), Wainer, G.A, Echegini, N.S. (Ngozi Silas), Boi-Ukeme, J. (Joseph), & Zlotnik, S. (Sergio). (2018). Cell-DEVS modeling and simulation of artificial hydraulic fracturing of rocks in boreholes (WIP). In ACM International Conference Proceeding Series.