This study considers a single-server Markovian working vacation queuing system with Bernoulli vacation interruptions. Based on a linear reward-cost structure, the customer strategic joining behavior is analyzed under different information levels available to the arriving customers, namely fully observable, almost unobservable, and fully unobservable. For these cases, we first obtain the system stationary distribution. Thereafter, we determine the customer equilibrium strategies and compare them numerically with socially optimal strategies.

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Keywords Bernoulli schedule, matrix analytic method, Queuing, vacation interruptions, working vacations
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Journal Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research
Ma, Q. (Qingqing), Zhao, Y, Liu, W. (Weiqi), & Li, J. (Jihong). (2019). Customer Strategic Joining Behavior in Markovian Queues with Working Vacations and Vacation Interruptions under Bernoulli Schedule. Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research. doi:10.1142/S0217595919500039