This paper focuses on fair medium sharing in metropolitan packet ring networks 1. We propose a new fair access control scheme called Virtual Source Queuing (VSQ) for these networks. A simple feedback control scheme for VSQ to avoid packet loss on the ring is also proposed. We compare the implementation complexity and performance of VSQ with those of the IEEE 802.17 Resilient Packet Ring (RPR) standard. The simulation and analytical results show that our scheme can achieve fairness guarantee with less convergence time. It also has less access delay and requires ring buffer compared to RPR.

Medium Access Control (MAC), One-Hop-Backpressure control, Resilient Packet Ring (RPR), Virtual Source Queuing (VSQ)
IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference Workshops, GLOBECOM 2004
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Tang, H. (Helen), Lambadaris, I, Mehrvar, H. (Hamid), Talim, J, & Matrawy, A. (2004). A new access control scheme for metropolitan packet ring networks. Presented at the IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference Workshops, GLOBECOM 2004.