Resilient Packet Ring (RPR) technology known as IEEE 802.17 standard is an emerging network architecture and technology designed to meet the requirements of a packet-based metropolitan area network. The medium access control architecture of RPR network can have single transit buffer (STB), or dual transit buffer (DTB). STB has lower implementation complexity. But the weakness of single transit buffer architecture is that high priority traffic trying to access the ring will be delayed by any low priority traffic already transiting on the node. To improve the quality of service for high priority traffic transmission, we propose a new RPR scheduling scheme which uses Deficit Round-Robin (DRR) algorithm to alternately select packets from the single transit buffer and the high priority transmit buffer. If there is no packet in these two buffers, low priority transmit buffer is then served. Simulation results show certain improvement on overall delay and delay jitter performance of RPR networks with single transit buffer by using our scheme.

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IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference Workshops, GLOBECOM 2004
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Zhu, J. (Jian), Matrawy, A, Lambadaris, I, & Ashourian, M. (Mohsen). (2004). A new scheduling scheme for resilient packet ring networks with single transit buffer. Presented at the IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference Workshops, GLOBECOM 2004.