The battery’s state-of-charge (SOC) is an important aspect in battery management systems since it is considered as the battery’s energy gauge and the image of the battery’s voltage and its open circuit voltage (OCV). This latter is widely used for characterizing battery’s properties under different conditions such as temperature. This paper proposes a SOC calculation method based on an OCV model for a cell and a pack in electric buses technologies. To verify the proposed model, a Lithium iron phosphate battery is characterized under three different operating temperatures. Experimental results highlight the high estimation accuracy of the proposed model in various operating conditions.

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15th IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference, VPPC 2018
Department of Electronics

Mejdoubi, A.E. (Asmae El), Chaoui, H, & Gualous, H. (Hamid). (2019). From cell to batteries pack monitoring state-of-charge for electric buses technologies. In 2018 IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference, VPPC 2018 - Proceedings. doi:10.1109/VPPC.2018.8605026