The Trent Centre for Community Based Education (TCCBE) brought together graduate students from Trent University’s Sustainability Studies Masters program with Peterborough’s Community Opportunity & Innovation Network (COIN), to collaborate on a community based research project for the Peterborough Centre for Social Innovation (PCSI). This workshop report outlines phase one's literature review on social innovation governance and strategies, workshop results and discussion, as well as recommendations and the conclusions of this community-based research.

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Publisher Community-First: Impacts of Community Engagement Project
Funder Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
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Note Completed for: Community Opportunity & Innovation Network (COIN), Supervising Professor: Tom Whillans; Trent Centre for Community-Based Education
Fralin, Sara, Pulido, Andreina, & Teleki, Elizabeth. (2013, May 7). Approaches to Social Innovation Hub Governance: Case Study Report. Community-First: Impacts of Community Engagement Project. doi:10.22215/cfice-2013-02