When axial fast ductile fracture occurs in high-pressure gas pipes, the plane of the crack opening does not necessarily remain parallel to the pipe axis. There is in general a tilt angle between the opening flanks and the pipe axis. The present discussion shows that taking into account the presence of a tilt angle results in larger estimates of surface CTOA than those reported in a recent paper (Shibanuma et al., 2018). Considering the effect of tilt angle, the data reported in Shibanuma et al. (2018) support the transferability of CTOA from DWTT-type specimens to full-scale pipe.

Engineering Fracture Mechanics
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Xu, S. (S.), Bassindale, C. (C.), Williams, B.W. (B. W.), Wang, X, Tyson, W.R. (W. R.), & Shibanuma, K. (K.). (2019). Comments on CTOA transferability in “Crack tip opening angle during unstable ductile crack propagation of a high-pressure gas pipeline” [204 (2018) 434–453]. Engineering Fracture Mechanics. doi:10.1016/j.engfracmech.2019.03.023