There exist several challenges in the implementation of proportional multiple quasiresonant (PMQR) control strategies in single-phase grid-connected H6 inverters, such as high computational costs and design complexity. To overcome these challenges, this paper proposes a proportional multiple quasi-resonant (PMQR)-type repetitive control (PMQR-type RC) scheme for single-phase grid-connected H6 inverters. In the control scheme, a repetitive controller and a proportional controller run in parallel. The repetitive controller is to improve the steady-state harmonics compensation ability, while the proportional controller can enhance the transient performance of the system. Both theoretical stability analysis and detailed design steps regarding the proposed control scheme are introduced. Finally, comparison results on a typical single-phase grid-connected H6 inverter with LC filter under a variety of control methods verify the capability of suppressing harmonics and the robust performance of the proposed control strategy against grid disturbances.

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Applied Sciences
Department of Electronics

Yang, X. (Xiaohui), Liu, P. (Peiyun), Xu, S. (Shaoping), & Liu, S. (2019). Analysis and design of A PMQR-Type repetitive control scheme for grid-connected H6 inverters. Applied Sciences, 9(6). doi:10.3390/app9061198