Marx showed little interest in creating pictures of the future, but the exigencies of German politics prompted him to write his letter about the future to some leading activists critiquing the Gotha Program. This one letter gives perspectives on the future. Responding to its narrow focus on distribution, Marx wrote about slogans of contribution and distribution that would characterize justice in some phases of communism. His characterization of society in a higher phase of communism is wrongly interpreted as expecting the abolition of scarcity, while the nature of phases, according to him, is misconstrued. Some confusions are corrected, and the slogans are made more specific with attention to individual and collective distinctions.
Marx, Engels, and Marxisms
Department of Philosophy

Ware, R.X. (2019). Marx on some phases of communism. In Marx on Emancipation and Socialist Goals (pp. 203–222). doi:10.1007/978-3-319-97716-4_11