This paper presents a summary of the results of an examination of protocols produced via the integration of concurrency and coherence methods. Additionally locality of reference considerations are added to the integrating mixtures. Variants of a selected integration are simulated and a detailed analysis which clearly describes transactional behaviour within a realistically parametered distributed shared memory (DSM) environment is given. The performance tradeoffs identified through the simulation study should prove useful to designers of database systems in a DSM environment.
5th International Conference on Computing and Information, ICCI 1993
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Jutla, D. (D.), Bodorik, P. (P.), & Riordon, J.S. (1993). Integrated concurrency-coherence control in distributed shared memory. In Proceedings - ICCI 1993: 5th International Conference on Computing and Information (pp. 251–255). doi:10.1109/ICCI.1993.315369