Provided is an overview of early developments relating to the public opinion research industry in Canada prior to the arrival of the American pollster George Gallup's Gallup Poll, which first began appearing in Canadian newspapers in 1941. In particular, this article puts forward (1) an overview of the early use in Canada of survey research techniques, (2) how government agencies and academics were involved in collecting and processing quantitative data relating to Canadian attitudes and behaviours, and (3) how the private sector, including advertising agencies and market research firms, were developing ways to conduct public opinion research relating to consumers and media, including print media and radio. Together, these activities provided a foundation for what would become a fully developed marketing and public opinion research industry in Canada.

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Journal of Canadian Studies

Adams, C. (Christopher). (2019). Canada's early developments in the public opinion research industry. Journal of Canadian Studies, 53(1), 48–69.