This paper proposes an integral sliding control system based on the nonlinear disturbance observer, aiming to the trajectory tracking of the mobile robot under the external disturbance. First, a kinematic model of mobile robot was built, besides, the position error signal was gained by the biological membrane potential model, and the problem of velocity oscillation was solved by the design of the backstepping controller. Then, an integral sliding control system was designed in accordance with the kinematic model of the mobile robot, meanwhile, a disturbance observer was designed in consideration of external disturbance to do the real-time observation on the disturbance occurring in the system with an addition of feedforward compensation and the observation error was converged by selecting the design parameters. The Lyapunov function was used to prove the stability of the system. Finally, the simulation of tracking circularity trajectory was utilized, with the comparison of trajectory without the use of jammer, to prove that this method can well overcome the nonlinear and uncertainty originated from external, thereby improving the control performance and increasing the robustness.

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IEEE Access

Yang, X. (Xiaohui), Wei, P. (Peng), Zhang, Y. (Yangyang), Liu, X. (Xiaoping), & Yang, L. (Li). (2019). Disturbance Observer Based on Biologically Inspired Integral Sliding Mode Control for Trajectory Tracking of Mobile Robots. IEEE Access, 7, 48382–48391. doi:10.1109/ACCESS.2019.2907126